Understanding SEO driven editorial calendar, Youtube Ads and Technical SEO.

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This penultimate week was filled with learning about so many things that seemed so basic from the outside. However, when you dwell in the details with some of the best instructors, you realise that these pieces are filled with some great insights and beautiful results.

In this article, I will talk briefly about my learning from this weeks tracks.

The track was taught by Dan Shure from Evolving SEO and covered how to increase traffic through blog content and articles. Unlike some other courses this one did not focus on…

Understanding Content Strategy and Influencer Marketing

A great content strategy begins with understanding the editorial mission statement and purposing their content accordingly. It’s about understanding that content sources and creating great content is always within reach. We just need to open our eyes and ears. The course is taught by Andy Crestodina and I thoroughly enjoyed the track. Here are some of the topics he taught and my understanding.

That is one of the first questions and to better understand this Andy suggests that first briefly describe the core function of your company. Once you drill that down, you can…

Understanding Google Ads and Account Based Marketing

We kicked things off by understanding the Google Ads metrics and that not all metrics matter. Also, understanding that advertisers need to understand that they can achieve 10x returns but might not be able to achieve low cpc because of their industry or the product they are selling.

It is all about understanding the logic but not being rigid about it.

It is important to understand the granularity of the targeting and placements of ads. It is with this thought that one should be aware of the Iceberg Effect in Google Ads. It…

Understanding FB ADs

By Curt Maly for CXL

Having spent sometime on FB ads, I thought that this training might be a refresher of sorts and also provide some aha moments (kind of 60:40) however, this provided a complete aha experience (kind of 10:90).

This week was filled with festivities and though I wasn’t able to celebrate Diwali with firecrackers, Curt’s training module certainly made a lot of sparkles in my brain.

We started off by understanding the customer journey from a marketers perspective and then moving on to the B.E.L.T method.

Curt’s explained the link between Eugene Schwartz Triangle and the funnel audience structure…

Understanding Email marketing, PR and Growth Program Management

Source: marketoonist.com

During this course I spoke to one of my friend. He was actually struggling with his email campaigns and since I was running hot from the Email Marketing course from CXL Institute I offered some free pointers.

Below is our conversation, let’s call my friend to be Olli for this article.

So, Ollie asked me (after I stressed the importance of email campaigns) Why email? It’s 2020, the decade of the social media platforms.

My answer was simple : For every $1 invested email returns $38. …

Understanding conversion: Landing page optimization and Product Messaging

Starting with the landing page analysis, it was important to touch upon some basics like:

  1. What is a landing page: A Landing page is an opening page or the first page the user sees after clicking on an ad.
  2. The role of landing page: Landing page helps in reducing the noise and cuts straight to the topic that got the user interested in clicking the ad. It reduces the buying cycle.
  3. Landing page optimisation: The optimisation process should start with a more heuristic approach.

We then moved to understanding fast vs slow…

Understanding Excel for marketers and Marketing Attribution

Picture from CXL course on Attribution

After an amazing learning session on Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, we dived into understanding excel for marketers and attribution basics.

With CXL Institute I have learned so much about the topics I thought I knew, some great pro tips learnt with some of the best instructors and top 1% marketers

Let’s dive in to the learning material by understanding the excel basics:

  1. Sort and Filter: The basics of making sense from data starts with sorting and filtering data. …

Google Analytics Intermediate and Google Tag Manager for beginners

Photo by Myriam Jessier on Unsplash

After a great start to understanding Google Analytics, we moved forward to understanding further into the world of GA and introduce Google Tag Manager taught by Mercer at CXL Institute.

The quest for clean data is one that all marketers are on. Mercer explains in two parts how to make sure that we make marketing decisions on clean data. Part 1 deals with Spam filtering and Part 2 deals with internal traffic.

In part 1we discuss filtering out spam data:

  1. Enabling the bot filter checkbox in your view
  2. Reducing spam by…

Talking about the basics of Google Analytics

Source: GA demo account

After a rigorous Part 4, part 5starts with the much awaited topics for me — Google Analytics. Since I have worked within this domain, I was particularly excited to have refresher course in the Basics of GA. My trainer for this topic was Chris “Mercer” Mercer.

We started off by understanding the importance of GA and where Google Tag manager (collecting data) and Google Studio (reporting the data) comes into play. These 3 tools combined are a powerhouse for a marketer. He then went on to explain regarding multiple reports:

  • Overview reports —…

Talking about A/B testing — an in-depth analysis and understanding

Coming in fresh from Peep Laja’s masterclass on running growth experiments, I was really excited to hear Ton Wesseling’s insights on A/B testing. I think everyone in the world does A/B testing with everything. It is such an overused term in the marketing domain with many either committing mistakes while planning, implementation or data connection.

So Ton starts unlike anyone else, with a timeline of A/B testing and laying the foundation bricks. …


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