CXL Institute Growth Marketing Minidegree review Part 12

What topics to create content on?

There are 3 ways to produce research:

  1. Observation: Pick a data set. Gather data.
  2. Aggregation: Combine data from existing sources.
  3. Surveys: Mass analysis

Authority links directly to link building which is through other sites linking back to you. Now how do we determine the value of the link?

  1. It’s from a page on a domain with high authority
  2. It’s from a page without a ton of ongoing links
  3. It isn’t just another link to your page
  4. The text in the link is descriptive

We can then look for our ideal keyword on the basis of three factors:

What are some of the best practices for creating engaging content?

  1. Create engaging headlines that communicate explicit benefits. This was a real eye opener in terms of the research done on headlines here. This was in terms of the number of characters in headlines the start, the end and the most engaging words used in headlines.
    Great headlines should include a promise, should trigger curiosity, use numbers, ask a question, use power words, sized to fit the purpose and should use keywords.
  2. Formatting is something if you will neglect you will fail. Your audience is a scanner and you should consider that when creating content. Whitespace is the demand of the day and we should focus on short targeted paragraphs.
    Types of formatting includes headers, subheads, bullet lists, numbered lists, bolding, italics, internal linking and including infographics.
  3. Keep the content flowing and use words that is easily understandable.
  4. Use images and videos in your content. This breaks the wall of text and holds the attention of the audience.
  5. Visual cues is one of the subtle ways to create interest in the different elements of the page. Position of the head, the eyes, the hands and pointers with multiple images will act as flowing elements within the sea of words.
  1. Influencer marketing is on the rise and can deeply help in increasing engagement.
  2. Find influencers from tools like Grouphigh and use their DA and engagement rate to start building connections with these influencers.
  3. Connect with influencers with a great checklist process given by Andy. Listen to their content, engage with their content through like, comment and share, connect with them on Linkedin or any other social media tools.
  4. Cross the streams with these influencers and don’t just stick to one channel of trying to get connected.
  5. Collaborate on deep dive interview and other ways. Be easy to collaborate.
  6. Create friendships with these influencers and connections.
  7. An ally in creating content is an ally in promoting content.

Why influencer marketing is picking up?

  1. Reach of Social platforms has increased considerably
  2. Reach of individual users have also increased impacting the overall market reach
  3. Social is relatively cheap and easily measurable

What are the top challenges of influencers while working with brands?

  1. Creative freedom. Only a 29% of influencers are asked for their opinion on content direction.
  2. Late payments.
  3. Short deadlines.
  4. Last minute changes in campaign requirements.
  5. Brands who don’t have a clear brief

How to create an influencer campaign?

  1. Understand the human insight: This is a previously unconnected relationship or knowledge that unlocks exponential growth opportunities for your brand and product.
  2. Have a clear and measurable marketing objective.
  3. Define your audience clearly so that there is laser focussed approach on targeting.
  4. Provide clear submission timelines to avoid any mid campaign or post campaign confusions.
  5. Clearly define the product magic factor.
  6. Define clear campaign message for your overall campaign.
  7. Define the category of influencers you are looking to attract and the budget.
  8. Define the campaign objectives outlining what are the influencers are required to do with terms and conditions of the campaign.

We then looked at two great brands that have used influencer marketing and produced some great results, some key insights:

  1. Create and engage everyone involved, the audience and the influencers
  2. Spot trends early and ride the wave
  3. Spread the campaign to all the channels and not just one channel. Take it from social to business
  4. Co-create content with the influencers and give them creative freedom and focus on long term exclusivity

How to research influencers for your brand?

  1. Understand what is your brand tone and voice
  2. Discover influencers with the help of multiple tools and aim to create a list of 4x times the number you actually want
  3. Shortlist the influencers by looking at their engagement rates, AQS and analysis provided by tools like HypeAuditor. Look at the real profiles of the influencers to cross check some of the data too.

Why do influencers want to work with brands?

  1. The top 2 reasons they want to work with a brand for the first time are — a) 44% said it is the opportunity is relevant to my audience, b)17% said it is the opportunity allows me to provide an exclusive or new experience for myself and/or my audience. (Source: Crowdtap 2015)
  2. The top 2 reasons they want to work with a brand for the second time are — a) The brand grants me with creative freedom and b) the brand offers me competitive compensation.

What points can help a brand to understand synergy with an influencer?

  1. Understand brand’s role in social. Understand what is required of the overall social strategy.
  2. How creative is the influencer?
  3. What has been the past performance of the influencer with brand engagements?
  4. How is the influencer’s tone of voice/style?
  5. What’s the influencer’s platform focus?




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Startup Growth | Business Development and Sales | Creative thinker

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