CXL Institute Growth Marketing Minidegree review Part 13

Source: marketoonist

A) SEO driven editorial calendar:

  1. Brainstorm and Research for topics: Start with finding the seed topics which are broad ideas related to your product or service. Use google and SEMrush and Moz to find more seed topics. A great way to start here also is through brainstorming within the team. You then need to find the search volume, business value, knowledge required for producing the content. Once you rate these and find content competitors for your content you will end up with such a list.
Seed topic list
Content competitor list

B) Youtube Ads and how to create and scale them

  1. The core of understanding the ad model in Youtube relates to why people visit YouTube? It is because they want: to know, to do or to buy.
  2. Youtube is majorly advertising to intent as compared to FB that advertises to interests.
  3. The most relevant equation on Youtube is Revenue-Profit = Cost. Where, revenue=Average Order Value (AOV) x Funnel Conversion Rate (FCR). This will give us the per lead budget which can act as a directive for the ppc team.
  4. The keyword research on Youtube is a little different from the conventional KW research. Start by brainstorming the seed keywords basis point 1. Then type a keyword in the youtube search bar and copy the first 10 titles. Expand the keywords by putting them in the search bar again and jotting the auto-suggestions. Try to run keyword specific campaigns.
  5. There are two types of ad format in Youtube: Display ads and instream ads. There is a great method to help in storyboarding the ads Aim, Difficulty, Understand, Credibility, Action, Plan, Teach, Exit (ADUCATE).
  6. On Youtube you only pay for engagement, i.e when a viewer clicks the link to visit your website or when a viewer watches more than 30 seconds or when a viewer reaches the end of your video (if before 30 seconds).
  7. The Youtube ad math Cost Per Lead = VR x CPV/CTR x WCR. Working on these numbers can easily half your cost per lead. Aim for a higher CTR and WCR and a lower VR or CPV.
  8. Google AI is a strong tool but should be used intelligently and with some courage. Furthermore, targeting correct audience type with the correct campaign type was one of the biggest takeway from this track.

Refreshing my understanding on technical SEO and learned these points:

  1. The goals of a technical SEO ranges in the below mentioned 4 categories

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Startup Growth | Business Development and Sales | Creative thinker

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