CXL Institute Growth Marketing Minidegree review Part 6

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  1. Enabling the bot filter checkbox in your view
  2. Reducing spam by checking your referral traffic sources. To do this create a referrer based exclude filter. You can follow this format:
  3. To reduce referral spam you can also create a hostname only inclusion filter. This will only include traffic from the said hostname.
    Follow this: predefined / Include only / traffic to hostname / equals to (or contains)
  4. You can also include traffic which provides analytics with a password that you set while creating a filter.
  1. Internal hit is basically internal traffic that is from within your team/company. As a small team, you might need to remove it asap as it can influence decisions.
  2. One way to filter this is through the Google Opt out extension.
  3. You can also use the filter excluding the city, the IP Address, the country or UTM source from where you are happy to exclude the traffic.
  4. You can also use the exclude filter to set a custom dimension and implement it with the help of GTM.

Startup Growth | Business Development and Sales | Creative thinker

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Startup Growth | Business Development and Sales | Creative thinker

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