Everyday activities: Stuff you should be looking at!

  1. Work is meditation: India is a place of many religious beliefs and cultural values. Everyone has their own way of offering prayers, getting their wish across to the almighty. During this trip I observed that every person had their own style, some will clap, some will sing, some will dance, some will chant etc.. When I really thought about the “why” behind their behaviour it struck me: They feel protected, comfortable when they perform those actions, they have learned it from their parents or grand parents or from a certain set of influencers.
    The process is so deeply ingrained in their minds that it becomes a habit and no longer remains meditation. Work or offering prayers should be looked as meditating since it is what will get you connected with your inner self, your inner voice, the strength within which truly is the actual meaning of God.
  2. If you really want it, the universe will conspire to make it happen: As I mentioned in my earlier post, a lot of things happen in my life due to my fiancée. She was accompanying me on this trip and I was really nervous as she was to meet my entire fam-bam. If you are an Indian and reading this you will understand and empathise with that state.
    However, I was not negative and I always imagined and pictured her happy with my family. As it turned out, she completely aced it and now they just can’t wait for her to be a part of the family.
    It reminded me of the thought shared by Rhonda Byrne in her book “The Secret”. Your every thought will create an equal reaction in this universe. It is upto you what that action will be, positive thinking will lead to positive results. Your thoughts will become your reality.
    Trust me, I have experienced it a lot of times and recommend you to give it a try, read the book and implement it in your life.
  3. Friendship is born out of a genuine smile: You don’t need to be of the same age, same colour, same race to be friends. Your heart just understands a smile, a genuine one. My niece, who is 11 years old, was very sad that I will now have someone that might take my attention away from her. At first, I thought that she will take some time to accept the change but to my amazement both the ladies hit it off like they knew each other from a long time. When I observed and replayed the entire moment, it was that genuine smile from both of them that actually made that connection.
    I am so glad and happy to see the most important girls in my life hit it off. Though I did not enjoy the make up that was put on me by both of them.
  4. Spending time with your parents is their ultimate reward: Parents do everything in their power to make you happy. I have been so lucky to have my mother’s support throughout my life. Whenever she used to visit me, I always made sure that I spend time with her. I realised that the way I used to spend time with her needed improvement. When I attempted the same, her smile, her attitude and everything changed completely and that had the most amazing effect on my life.
    I truly found what spending time with my mother actually meant and where I was lacking. You need to keep all your work, your messages, everything aside and even if you give those 15 mins completely to her she will be so happy. Though I still was scolded on leaving the coffee mug on my study table, mom’s can never change and that’s the beauty of it.
  5. Home will always be home: I have big dreams and I will achieve them. I always thought that it is okay if I am away from my hometown as it is really just another place. I was so wrong and was looking into that deep dark orange sky sipping my coffee, I realised that the things I experienced here made me the person I am today. I have met the most amazing people here and the colour, flavour of this town is immense and I will be a fool not to recognise its importance. I realised that every place will teach you, especially your home town, you will emerge as a much more experienced and mature person. Your home will always motivate you, inspire you, will open it’s arms in victory and in defeat. You just need to see it’s beauty and your beauty will enhance.
  6. Making a random person happy will make you happy: Sports can teach you a lot, sportspersons like MS Dhoni, Roger Federer truly demonstrate these thoughts. True humility lies in the way you treat every person in an equal manner.
    Your true humility should reflect in the way you treat a security guard to the MD of the company. During many shopping expeditions this time, I made sure to have a great conversation with cab drivers, small business owners, waiters and servers and one of them said, “Sir, you are the first one who made me laugh today rest everyone just complaints and behaves rudely” it was so satisfying because I knew I made a difference in that cab driver’s day and could see the happiness in his eyes.
  7. The art of saying Thank You: The art of saying a genuine Thank You is fast disappearing and I have observed people being thankful but not saying those words. You say well done to your pet if he behaves, you compliment your girl when she dresses up or you congratulate your colleague on that promotion then why not to a guy who is serving you and that too with a smile. A genuine Thank You goes a long way and can lift up someone who might be going through a rough day.
    To be truly happy, spread happiness!




Startup Growth | Business Development and Sales | Creative thinker

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Startup Growth | Business Development and Sales | Creative thinker

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